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The Genius of Kinship: Human Kinship Systems and the Search for Human Origins

On Mexican Toloquilla Footprints and the “Peopling of the Americas”

4000-Year-Old Frozen Hair mtDNA Sequenced from a Greenlandic Saqqaq Settlement. Pt. II

Fig. 1 as Seen from the Americas

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    Great site German

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    Dear German Dziebel;
    What do you think about the following comments from:

    Now … it seems as if Europeans mostly carry the type of East Asian ancestry that was present in the first human migration wave from Asia to the New World, which moved across the Bering Strait about 15,000 years ago.

    So, did a migration wave from the same source also move into Europe at about the same time? If so, this would indicate that the East Asian admixture in Europeans found by David Reich is very old. Perhaps that’s why it’s not possible to measure it accurately using standard ancestry tools?

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